Calling Accounts - Web Account Management (WAM)

This is a Free Service for our calling Account Customers

With our WAM system you can manage your Calling Account online, including viewing your call-records, topping up your account instantly, 24/7, setting up speed dials and registering new numbers.


  • Call records - check your balance and usage; view your call records for the last 3 months on-line
  • Instant top-up - top-up your account using the "make a payment" menu option, 24 hours a day, instantly. To top-up, after you have been set up, login to the WAM site, click on "My Account" / "Make a payment" and follow the instructions.
  • Speed dials - Add/change up to 10 speed dials. You then dial *1 or *2 etc for your destination number, after accessing the service.
  • Registered numbers (Up to 9) - add or change anytime 
    Personal details and password (except your email address, which is used for login) - view / change anytime


  • New customers are automatically set you up for WAM access. It is FREE to have and use, and we will give you the instructions within your welcome email for your Calling Account. 
  • To access WAM, use this link:
  • If you are an existing customer, if it hasn't already been done for you, you will need to call or email us to set you up to use the WAM service. You use this link to Contact us