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Right ArrowAttention UK Calling Accounts - Top-up through WAM (Web Account Management) for an Instant top-up.
  Right ArrowWhere a WAM service is not available for one of our other products, e.g. for our easy-voip service, please use this form. For these accounts top-up requests of £50 or more using the ePDQ link below will continue to qualify for bonuses.


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Credit Cards

We regret than we cannot accept American Express or Diners Club

Please contact customer services on 0844 804 2803 (option 4) should you have any questions. ePDQ is a secure online service for card payment authorisation and settlement.

Back-up service
If your top-up application through this page is rejected for whatever reason, an alternative top-up request can be made though our "manual" top-up page which can be accessed by
clicking here (secure link). Please note that applications made via the "manual" top-up page must be for a minimum of £25 and do not qualify for bonuses. To top-up by as little as £10, please login to your WAM account, or use the epdq link above.

Terms and Conditions
1. This offer is made at the discretion of the company and may be withdrawn at any time and without notice.
2. Should an account be terminated any bonus payment made as above will be first deducted from any refund amount that may be due.
3. The Bonus cannot be credited where the on-line top-up is unsuccessful, even if the top-up amount exceeds £50.
4. The bonus is awarded as a call-credit and is not a cash payment.
5. WAM is now the only way to obtain top-up bonuses (unless you have a separate easy-voip account).