This is where our customers "blow our trumpet"!


We at easy-dial are proud of our service. As we have stated before, we are not perfect, but always trying to be. We have files of testimonials going back to 1995, but here we have reproduced just a small sample of those received in the last year or so. We have removed the surname of the customer concerned, to protect their privacy.......

"You guys are good. Thanks very much!" - Joanne, March 2012

"Thanks a lot for your such immediate reaction and help. Really appreciated" - J S, February 2012 

"Thank you very much for your help and support..." - M N, January 2012

"It has been fixed. Apparently your enginneers are second to none" - I F, January 2012

"Merry Christmas. Many thanks for your great service this year" - Adrian T, December 2011

"Thanks a lot for your mail. As suggested by you I have reinstalled and now it is working. Thanks a lot for your prompt and immense help." - R K, November 2011

"...Thank you for your help and the great customer service from the company!" - Katy K, August 2011

"Many thanks for your prompt attention much appreciated I can assure you." - William T, August 2011

"I have been a proud user of easy-dial for 12 years. Top banana" - E P, June 2011

"I still use your excellent service while in Scotland ever year during July and August" -  F.R, June 2011

"...still invaluable service & excellent provider for value." - N R, June 2011

"Please dont change. My last internet providers have changed and they all have gone bankrupt. why I dont know. please keep things as they are. easy and simple. I tend to promote your website (services) to all my friends (and working for an airline, I tend to have hundreds of friends on a month basis) please stay uncomplicated. that's what people want. cheers" - Rena, June 2011

"I have no complaints with your service at all. When we have had a problem they have been dealt with very efficiently" - Stoplock, June 2011

"We love EasyDial and have been customers for a very long time. The best thing about ED, apart from the financial savings of course, is that whenever we have problems EasyDial have always been very quick to respond, very friendly, and have always resolved everything to our complete satisfaction. We can't recommend ED enough (and bear in mind here that we have never said these things about any other company!). Regards.." - Tony & Audrey W, June 2011

"Thank you for your quick and professional response. That's why we are staying with you there are cheaper alternatives however I do not think that any of them could match your service levels. As usual you have proven yourself once again. Thank you" - Dave WO, May 2011

"Thank you that is great and very quick service! " - Jessica T, May 2011

"I thank you for the same and I could not find words to shower praise on you and your teams for the relentless effort and untiring dedicated service in solving customers’ issues." - Alwar S, February 2011

"Many Thanks for excellent service" - Tony R, February 2011

"Thanks for your help with the link. It worked 100% this weekend.. In fact better then it has ever been.. Thanks again" John S, Nov 2010

"Thanks for such a speedy reply … yes best service and low rates … I agree … all working fine now". Neil D, Mar 2009